Bob skinny with sores
Bob upon arrival
These two pictures are of BOB the first day
Bob was found wandering the subdivision wearing
a ratty old halter and trailing a short rope. It
looked as a though his tie rope had been cut,
maybe by somebody that thought to liberate him.  
He had been wandering for 8 1/2 days, and the
people who had 'lost' him never even went looking
for him. He had serious fly sores and runny eyes,
and was missing a lot of hair under the halter.  It
had been on him for a long time. His nose had
permanent scars.

Because of his dropped back, it was difficult to
find a saddle to fit him.  We found him a 1900's
A-fork high cantle saddle with a lot of rocker to
the bars and it fit him just fine, on top of the
saddle pad we built up for him. Any other saddle
would 'bridge', or,did not fit in the center of his
back.  Can you imagine how much that must have
hurt?  Bob had white hairs from saddle sores right
in front of his hip.

Once Bob got over being horrified, he showed me
that he was at one time somebody's nice horse.  It
took a while to get him over flinching every time
we went to touch him. Now he whinnies and runs
across the pasture to greet us.  If he were a
human, he would throw himself into my arms. I
love him and he loves me, and it would have been
hard to let this one go.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 13, we noticed him
staggering a bit. Thursday, it was Drunken Sailor.
Friday, his legs were not answering the helm.
Saturday, he was down. Sunday, we had him

This is really, really hard for us right now.
Grieving is a process, and we are doing it. We had
Bob for more than a year, and we really loved
him, and he really loved us.

The interesting part is, at no time in his illness at
the end did he ever seem distressed or angry.

We figure that it was a spinal lesion. Bob was
about 21.

Violence begins where knowledge ends.......
Shiny Bob
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We had started riding Bob. He was
going to make a good riding horse. He
knew a lot, and was very handy.
Look, you
can see his
neck bones.
Took Bob to Panaewa Equestrian
Center, to the fundraiser on June 30
that the HIDEA held for us. Bob
behaved totally differently. He just
behaved like a regular horse. Picked up
his feet, hopped way far up into the
trailer, stood tied ... I thought of taking
him down
there to ride him! We figure
he was a cowboy horse and knows it

.. At the end, we were riding in the
round pen at a trot.
Our Beautiful Bob!