Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and  re-home. We rescue abused, abandoned, or neglected
equines; provide them with compassionate care and rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible,
loving home. We believe that education is the long term solution to improving the lives of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the compassionate care of
equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses happy.  We welcome you to join our growing list
of sponsors, every little bit helps. As donations increase we will be able to help more horses.  Every
little bit helps!
Colors is a sweet and very nice mare.
She has been adopted to a loving home with small children and they
love her. We'll put up pictures soon.
Good appetite!
Thank God. Sometimes
they are so depleted you
have to feed them
through a stomach tube
just to start them eating.
Eating takes energy, and
sometimes they just don't
have enough, in the
She liked the Equine
Senior and soaked beet
pulp, and alfalfa hay on
the recommendation of
our Veterinarian, and
EquiPride supplement.
She was really putting
away the groceries.
New home. We love
a successful
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