Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and  re-home. We rescue abused, abandoned, or neglected
equines; provide them with compassionate care and rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible,
loving home. We believe that education is the long term solution to improving the lives of equines.

CB Horse Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the compassionate care of
equines. Your donations keep us going and the horses happy.  We welcome you to join our growing list
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little bit helps!
Hard to believe these feet belonged to the same horse. This was
done in one trimming. He probably would have needed three
more trimmings at two week intervals to bring his feet back in
line with his body.  
That is a good looking foot. No
contracted heels. He was losing a whole
layer of sole, and this is what his foot
looks like now. Good Job!

Our friend Sharon Sharp, who owns
Volcano Paradise Ranch, does all our
trimming. We call her, she comes and
helps. Thank you So Much, Sharon!
This is a Parker Ranch brand. The P is for Parker
Ranch. The 5 means any year ending in 5. In this
case, most likely 1985. The 8 is the number of his
birth, meaning he was the eighth foal born that
year. The sideways H means he was not
registered. H means Gallant Bear, his sire.  I would
have liked to have known who the dam was.
One of my famous butt shots. You can see
a little bit of what is called the 'poverty
line'. On the Henneke Body Score Chart
he is probably pretty close to a 4.

Gallant, on the scale, weighed 980#. The
weight tape had him at 900#.
I am sorry to report that Gallant did not
make it.

That is the nature of horse rescue.
Sometimes they are just too far into
disease, or systems failure, or just plain
old age.

We did have him for six wonderful days
before he passed.

We are very fortunate to have known
him, and we are glad that he spent his
last days with us.